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We all like to rank videos on YouTube and Google.  After all, a video that ranks well leads to traffic and sales of our products and services.  In fact, you likely have some YouTube ranking training programs already that teach you how  to use proper titles, tags and descriptions, create backlinks and more.

But one thing often overlooked is competition.  How hard will it be to rank?  How are other videos performing?  Are other videos getting views and traffic?

With Tube Scout, you can now learn all of these things, just by visiting YouTube!

How Does It Work?

Tube Scout works by simply adding an extention to your Chrome browser.  Then, every time you do a search on YouTube, you get the following info some of which is usually hidden by YouTube

  • Competition Score so you will know whether to go after that keyword
  • Views in the last day
  • Views in the past week
  • Tags
  • Number of comments on each video
  • Access all the tags used by the top videos in one spot
  • Download all the totles and data of the top videos

With this data, you can now craft video SEO that targets what is already working for other videos.

If you run YouTube ads, you will be able to quickly find the perfect videos to run your ads on!

The Final Word

Knowledge is power, and Tube Scout gives you a ton of knowledge, while still on the YouTube page!  This makes things VERY convenient.  When you mix this with good ranking knowledge (see our bonuses below), you can acheive amazing success  with YouTube.

When you consider that during the launch week, this is going to be cheaper than going to breakfast at Starbucks, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Tube Scout.

Highly recommended!


Video Ranking Machine

My award winning course on how I rank videos!  This training has secrets that no other video ranking course teaches!

YouTube Marketing Excellence!

Having a strong knowledge of everything YouTube is going to help you rank videos, and be successful with your video marketing.  this course will make sure you knwo it all!

YouTube Ads Hero

With Tube Scout, you have a chance to see what videos would be prefect for running ads on.  This course will make sure you knwo how to use those ads!

Clever YouTube Profits

There are many ways to profit on youTube and Clever YouTube profits will give you some ways you never though of.... just like the name implies!

YouTube Interactive

Add clickable links to your YouTube videos, so that when you start getting views from ranking the videos, you can massively increase the click-throughs!

This special Offer & Bonuses Are Available For....


Tube Scout

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