ProductBoxMediumMuch like you can never have too much hard drive space, you can never have too much stock

video, photos or music.  This is why whenever I see good deals on any of these things I scoop them up FAST!  Today is no exception.

This morning the geniuses at Super Good Product have released ‘Stock Video Monster’, a huge collection of stock videos that you can use in your video productions (for yourself and/or for clients)

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Why I Love THIS Collection

As I mentioned, I ALWAYS buy collections of stock video, but as with all products put together by Super Good Product, this collection is EXTRAORDINARY!

Many collections have tons of nature shots, and very generic scenes (which have their uses)… with Stock Video Monster, not only do you get a ton of footage, but you get some extremely interesting and useful footage.

From the nice shots of bicyclists driving through the mountains, to the shots of food, industry, people working and a really awesome collection of shots called ‘risky walk’… this really is an amazing collection!

So How Much Is In There?

Believe it or not, there are over 600 stock videos in the collection, and 300 more that they offer as an upgrade…. meaning over 900 stock videos in all!

To put that in perspective, on, 900 stock videos would cost over $50,000 (seriously).  Even on VideoHive, 900 videos would be well over $10,000!

The Bottom Line…. 

600 beautiful, HD videos at a price under $20 is one of the most amazing deals I have ever come across.  Even if you only use 1 video in the entire collection, you would still be saving money over a site like iStock (1 video on iStock is typically $60).

Anyone that does any sort of video or media work should be RACING to pick this up, and should pray that these guys release even more like this!  Quite possibly the best deal I have ever written about!

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This amazing collection is so worth the asking price that it almost seems silly to even have a bonus.  However, since we can do bonuses… why not!

In fact, this is such an amazing deal, I want to make sure as many people as possible pick this up…. so, we might as well over do it!

  • HD Stock Video Background Collection – A full collection of awesome HD backgrounds!
  • Premium Stock Photo Collection – A new collection of stock images to use in your projects!
  • 6 Stock Music Packages! – An awesome collection of music for your videos!

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Stock Video Monster

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