Build Local Marketing Services Stores In MINUTES With Omni Express!

It even comes with local websites that you can sell!

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In-Depth Review & Sneak Peek

And It Has a Built-In Editor For The Local Sites You Sell!

What Is Omni Express

According to the sales material, Omni Xpress is a cloud-based tool that creates local sales websites for local marketing professionals and affiliate marketers, in just a few clicks.  It also comes with a set of local business website that you can sell on your new store.

Does It REALLY Work?

It isn't often that a product truly lives up to it's hype, let alone surpasses it.  So it was with reservation that I took a look at Omni Express, a product that promised to easily create a local store website that sells local products and services.

I quickly discovered that Omni Xpress was everything they promised, and even more.

With just a few pre-steps that included adding my name and contact info, as well as activating my PayPal, I was able to quickly create a local marketing store, just like they claimed.  But more than just a store, it was a store already full of products, as they have a variety of local websites that you can turn around and sell to local businesses.

Adding my own products was also a breeze, and within moments I had Instant Spokesperson videos as products for sale as well!

Who Is This For?

Omni Xpress is for 3 distinct crowds.  

  1. Marketers that provide services and products to local businesses, such as SEO, video, websites, etc.
  2. Affiliate Marketers that want to create an Amazon store in mere minutes
  3. Entrepreneurs that sell products and services online, and need an online store that they can create quickly & easily.

The Bottom Line

I get asked quite often by Instant Spokesperson customers and those providing local services, if I know of an easy way to create a local store website to sell the videos, or other services.  Well, I now have the perfect answer for them!

Omni Xpress is exactly what they say it is, and if I can create a local store in about ten minutes, than ANYONE can!

This is an amazing tool for local marketers, but also for affiliate marketers.   And at the current discounted price, Omni Xpress is a product that everyone has for quickly making online stores for their products and services.  Highly Recommended!


This Bonus is Limited to 50 People! There are 42 Remaining!

Agency Contracts!

Once you start selling your services on your new site, you will need contracts, agreements, etc.  This pack of legal documents will help you do that!

Value:  $500!


Royalty Free Images

If you are going to create your site, or modify the local sites for businesses, you will NEED images.  This huge collection of royalty free images can help!

Local Business Services Videos

This collection of sales videos, will help you sell your local services to local businesses, who can the come to your new site and BUY!

Graphics Magic Box Vol 1-3

If you make websites, you will NEED graphics!  This collection has all the graphics you will need to make very cool websites!


The first thing I did was add an Instant Spokesperson video to my store and now you can as well, as you will receive a pack of videos to instantly sell on the new store!


This special Offer & Bonuses Are Available For....


Omni Express

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