Local Lead Drop Gets Local Clients To Call You!

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My Sneak Peak At The Inside!

Update! I Am Already Getting Leads!

Look At All The Text Messages I Have Received With Leads! I Turned Text Messages Off 🙂

Tired Of Hunting Down Leads?

Traditionally, as local marketers, we have to try and find leads, then hunt them down and try to sell them our services.  While this can be very effective, it can also be frustrating and difficult as well... especially when you face resistance, and have really have to schmooze them into hiring you

Ready For A Better Way?

Wouldn't it be MUCH better if you can find local businesses that are actually LOOKING for your services, such as video, SEO, web design and more?

And wouldn't it be better if the clients came to you, rather than trying to hunt for them?

Well, this is EXACTLY what is being offered with Local Lead Drop!

In this awesome course, you learn exactly how Robert finds people that are looking for local services.  He shows you how you can submit a bid, and how to make sure that you get the deal!

Best of all, this isn't a 'gig site' where you are competing with hundreds of other people, that are charging $5 per hour.  And it isn't a site that is telling you what to charge, or taking a percentage of the sale.  You are charging what YOU want, negotiating with actual local businesses, and your only competition are any other local providers (if there are any).

Great For Selling Videos!

While this is great for finding clients that need any local service from graphic design to SEO... this could be HUGE for people selling video.... even pre-made videos like Instant Spokesperson or EZ Spokesperson.

Imagine this scenario.  A local dentist says he needs a video for his business, and his budget is $2000.  You could offer him a pre-made video, with customization, and even do it for less than his budget (say $1000). Then you make the modifications, which only take a few moments, and you are done!

Or, imagine the same scenario, and offering the option of the spokesperson video for $1000 or a full video production for the $2000.  Either way, you are cashing in!


Marketing Videos For YOU!

We have videos below for the local businesses, but these are FOR YOU!  Use these to market YOUR services like, video services, SEO, Google Maps and more!

Offline Resistance

Clients usually have a number of things that will cause them to hesitate, when thinking about your services, this will help you overcome those objections and get the deal!

Anatomy Of A Sales Letter

This will help you craft proposals and demo web pages that sell like a good sales letter, so you can get more clients!


Video Ads - Local Edition

Justin Sardi's award winning YouTube Ads course for local businesses!  This is worth the price of the whole program by itself!

Legal Contracts & Agreements

If you are going to get new clients... you need the legal stuff.... contracts, agreements, etc.  So, we are providing you with exactly what you need!

Set Of Local Videos

If you are going to find local businesses that want local marketing services, you might as well have some videos to sell to them!

WP Appointment Book

As you get more clients looking for your time, you are going to need a way to schedule appointments and consultations. This plugin will help you to be able to schedule those appointments

Local Marketing Made Easy

If you are going to be getting clients coming to you, then you will want to have a STRONG understanding of all the local services you could be offering.  This will help!

Invoice To Go

With all these new clients, you will need a way to charge them for your services.  This plugin will help you do that!

Special Offer And Bonuses Are Good For...


Local Lead Drop

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  • Bill

    I’m interested…but confused. I’ve watched your videos and looked at the sales page, and I can’t figure out where these leads are coming from? Are you putting something on Craigslist? Local Google ads? Don’t really see what I’m getting “training” on in this product… I mean, I understand the whole idea of closing these deals, but where are the deals coming from?