Add Amazing Real-Time Digital Effects To Your Videos In 1 Click!

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Using Flick Dramatizer To Turn Images Into Movies!

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What Is It?

Flick Dramatizer is an awesome software for Mac and Windows that allows ANYONE to have professional video effects in seconds.

How Does It Work?

The use of Flick Dramatizer is pretty simple.  You bring in the video clip you want to add an effect to, and then check off which effect you want to use

The great thing is that you can add more than one effect, so you can really create some unique designs

Some Example Videos I Made....

Who Should Buy This?

Most video editing systems have video filters.  However, none have all the filters included in this package, and most have only a tiny fraction. 

In fact, some of the film effects and color grading are only available in very expensive add-ons to the more expensive video editing systems.  That makes Flick Dramatizer perfect for anyone doing video creation at any level.

Overall Opinion

My overall opinion is that everyone should grab a copy of Flick Dramatizer.  The incredible price, massive number of effects, and ease of use make this a true "must have product".


Ray's GOLD Image Collection!

All 20 volumes of my personal stock image collections called 'Ray's Stock Images'.  This is THOUSANDS of images you can use in Flick Dramatizer (or anywhere else)

Stock Video Collection!

How can I tell you about a video tool, without giving you stock videos to use with it?  I Can't!  So I am throwing in a huge collection of videos!

Exclusive Bonuses From Andrew!


Animated Video Graphics!

With Tube Dramatizer, you are kicking your videos into a new gear!  With these graphics, you will look even more professional! Add animated lower thirds, buttons, and more!

Animated Backgrounds!

We just added some NEW backgrounds to our HD animated background collections... and they are yours when you pick up Flick Dramatizer!

Acoustic Rock Music!

An AWESOME collection of music tracks that you can use in your videos to make them sound as great as they will now look!

This special Offer & Bonuses Are Available For....


Flick Dramatizer

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