We all want to make money online.  And from what I have seen and done over the last couple years, video is the easiest way to do just that.  

Review videos, open box videos, bonus videos and demonstrations have literally made millions of dollars for people (remember the Disney open box videos??).

With that said, we need to have a real plan in order to make this income a reality.

This is why I was excited to see that Paul Venables was releasing Easy Video Payday 2,0.  EVP2 is a great training program that teaches you, step by step, Paul’s methods for making passive, sustainable income through the use of videos.

This multi-module course consists of both video lessons, and PDFs to deliver everything you need to make a steady income stream using videos.

EVP2-Bund2-copy-2Paul breaks his methods down into 3 main areas…

  1. Finding the right products to sell
  2. Creating videos that will sell those products
  3. Ranking the videos and generating traffic

In each of these modules, Paul does a great job of breaking down all the steps needed to accomplish each step.

The great thing is, while the course is detailed and complete, it is also concise and compact, so you get everything you need, without spending days watching trainings.  in fact, you can get through this course in couple hours, and start taking action the same day.

In addition to passive income, this method is easily adaptable to helping local businesses with their video marketing as well.


As someone that makes a living with passive videos, I can testify that what Paul teaches is solid and the income results are achievable.  

If you are looking for new income streams, or even if you are looking to make your first dollar online, Easy Video Payday is a great way to get started.  

Best of all, at the price Paul is charging, you would have to be crazy not to grab this and learn what he is teaching!

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Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 5.54.37 PM

When you pick up Easy Video Payday, you will also get the following to help you along the way

  • Video CTA Buttons – Add these to your videos to increase conversions
  • Premium Photos – Great for use in your videos, or on any pages you create
  • Freshsentation 2 – A set of video templates to create your videos
  • EZ Rank Checker – Keep track of your ranking progress 
  • HD Video Backgrounds – For use in creating your videos
  • Pro PPT Templates – More templates for making videos with just PowerPoint!

[button_cart bg=”atc-1.png” align=”center” href=”http://jvz3.com/c/14253/184335″ cc=”3paypal.png|3mastercard.png|3discover.png|3visa.png”/]

Easy Video Payday 2.0

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