I have to admit, I LOVE great design software.  For those that don’t know, my background is actually in design as well as video.  In fact, when I first started my online business, a large part of that business was creating graphics for websites and videos.

One particular area that I did quite well in, was selling 3D product images.  These are the images of software boxes, DVD cases and books that people use on a sales site to represent what they are selling.

Believe it or not, people pay good money to have these things created.  I have seen people pay between $50 and $300 for one image!

While that seems expensive, there is good reason for it.  Studies have shown that these images can actually increase conversions by quite a bit.  But $300… thats a bit steep!

The Solution

The solution to these high costs are to create these yourself.  Fortunately, there are some great pieces of software that will do this for you.  Unfortunately, many of those tend to be expensive as well.  The one that I used for years, currently costs $99 per year!

Recently, we reviewed a new product that was very good at creating these types of graphics.  I loved this product, due to its built-in design templates, and its ease of use.  The opening week sales price was not bad either.

Today, I have been testing a new product, that I think I like even more!  The product is called Cover Genie, and it is a very polished, easy to use software, with a TON of features!

The reason I say that I like it even more, is that it actually has a much larger array of 3D products to choose from.  It has a wider variety of books, reports, devices, and software boxes, and it also has unique items such as shopping bags, soda bottles, medical bottles, and more.

But perhaps the one feature that truly sets Cover Genie apart is the ‘Realistic Mockups’.  This set of images allows you to display your design in real world settings, such as on a laptop in a kitchen, or on a billboard over a town, or on an iPad sitting on a desk.  

These Realistic Mockups make this product worth the cost by themselves!

Why Do You Need This?

If you create videos, web pages, blog posts, your own products… or if you want to start a design business, this is for you.  Even if you have no design experience, this easy to use program will allow you to not only create a massive variety of 3D product images, but the beautiful, built in designs for the covers themselves will make you look like a graphics superstar!

The Bottom Line

With a wide variety of beautiful designs, a large collection of 3D products to put those designs on, and the unique ‘Realistic Mockups’ feature, this is a must-have tool for any online or video marketer…. especially when you consider the opening week sale price!

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Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 5.54.11 PM

The cool thing about Cover Genie, is that it is put out by some of the top video asset creators, so we have some very cool bonuses!

From Me (Delivered by clicking the bonus button on the JVZoo receipt page)

A collection of eCover templates (picture below is just a few of those included)


From The Cover Genie Creators (Delivered Inside The Product Site)

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Cover Genie

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