Add Transparent Spokespeople To Your Websites With Webcaster WP GET IT NOW! This special Offer & Bonuses Are Available For…. Days Hours Minutes Seconds What is it? Webcaster WP is a Wordpress plugin and spokesperson video collection that allows you to  add those popular, transparent spokesperson videos to your  website.  It also allows you to […] Read more
Videos have always been one of the top marketing tools that we can use to inform customers, sell products, build lists and train people. And over the last year or two, some of the things we can do with video, have improved dramatically.  The addition of clickable annotations, and more recently, YouTube Cards have made […] Read more
How many of you tend to drift off during a sales video?  Maybe you check your phone… check Facebook or Twitter.  We ALL do it. This of course means that many of your clients are doing it during your videos as well.  This leads to lost sales, or even a little confusion for the customer […] Read more
I love video players.  For many years, there has been a bit of a race to create the ‘ultimate player’ with every bell and whistle possible.  But there were two things that I noticed. First, every time I use a player, I only used 1 or 2 features.  On one video, I might have an opt-in […] Read more
A while back, I got to test out a very cool product by Lee Pennington, called IconLead.  The premise behind the product was to add interactivity to images.  So, an image could have a button that brought up a video, or made a phone call. People loved this product, but they began to ask Lee […] Read more
Back about a year ago, I got an awkward phone call from a client I was working with.  He was letting me know that somebody had stolen our videos, re-posted them promoting a competing product! Apparently, some lazy marketer had used a piece of software that would scour the web for diet videos, steal them […] Read more
One thing that I like to do is to read books on mindset, and how it affects business.  One common theme in many of these books deals with purpose and motivation.  Some people call it your ‘Why’. Well, this weekend I got the opportunity to really reflect on that ‘why’ and for me, aside from […] Read more