For many of us that work with local businesses, one of the things that often slows us down is the paperwork.  Since most of us are marketers and not lawyers or accountants, we like to ‘just do it’. But of course, in this day and age, everything needs to be in writing.  Whether it’s a […] Read more
I do not like to cold call…. or walk into a business and bother people.  Even when I know I have services that they desperately need, I have never been comfortable ‘intruding’ on people. So, how can someone like me, that doesn’t enjoy the cold calling, still get local clients to understand and buy my […] Read more
As I have mentioned in the past, finding virtual studios can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t want to be paying a fortune for each background. Fortunately, we have some creative people that have stepped in to help use get a variety of virtual studios at a bargain price.  And today, Brad Scott […] Read more
Alex Jeffreys is one of my mentors.  This is a guy whose story is absolutely incredible.  Going from flat-broke and not knowing what to do next, to internet millionaire, running an entire company. Not surprisingly, when Alex speaks… I listen!  And anyone looking to change their financial situation should as well. In this case, Alex […] Read more