As a part of my daily routine on Facebook and other social media sites, I share articles, blogs and other content.  Most of that content comes from authority sites such as CNN, ESPN, SearchEngineLand, etc. One thing I have been doing for a while, with some really great success, is running programs that allow me […] Read more
The goal of most people that I talk to is to create ‘passive income’.  For many it is to make an extra $300 per month.  For others it is to replace a job that you hate.   But in almost all cases, the major issue seems to be not knowing where to even begin. Passive income […] Read more
Recently, a friend of mine was telling me about how he had been generating a TON of new leads, and that he was doing it by creating giveaways and using a viral contest.  To do this, he was using a very expensive tool… but a tool that was worth every penny, since they were getting […] Read more
With the advent of clickable links in videos, marketers and YouTube creators have the opportunity to add end screens to their videos to direct traffic to websites, social media & other videos. This one ability has allowed me to create massive targeted email lists, and has been responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in […] Read more
Videos have always been one of the top marketing tools that we can use to inform customers, sell products, build lists and train people. And over the last year or two, some of the things we can do with video, have improved dramatically.  The addition of clickable annotations, and more recently, YouTube Cards have made […] Read more
Every once in a while, a product is released that changes how we do business.  Products like WebinarJam and Webinar Hero changed how we do webinars.  InstaBuilder and Profit Builder changed how we create sales and squeeze pages.  Traffic Geyser changed the way we used and distributed video. Well, now Video Pop Funnels is here, […] Read more
A while back, I got to test out a very cool product by Lee Pennington, called IconLead.  The premise behind the product was to add interactivity to images.  So, an image could have a button that brought up a video, or made a phone call. People loved this product, but they began to ask Lee […] Read more
Have you ever wanted to go viral?  Have that video that people share, over and over.  It’s something that people talk about all the time.  But there are a few things you need to think about when it comes to ‘going viral’ 1.  Is a video about plumbing or dentists REALLY going to go viral? […] Read more
Well, it doesn’t take long for another awesome collection of graphics to pop up… and as I have stated many times, I can’t help but to immediately jump on a good graphics package, as you can never have ‘too many’. This package is interesting to me, because it has a ton of awesome modules with […] Read more
The other day, I sent out information about Social Video Magic, which automates Facebook videos, and adds calls to action and clickable links to Facebook videos.  I have actually had a lot of fun with this software over the last few days, and seen some interesting activity. But more than just provide a new video platform, […] Read more