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We all want to make money online.  And from what I have seen and done over the last couple years, video is the easiest way to do just that.   Review videos, open box videos, bonus videos and demonstrations have literally made millions of dollars for people (remember the Disney open box videos??). With that […] Read more
The Problem If you are like me, you probably love to  help local businesses generate more leads and land more clients, especially with the power of video.  But also like me, you may have a hard time finding and pitching to the businesses. Well, Peter Beattie of Video Revolver is in that same boat, and […] Read more
The goal of most people that I talk to is to create ‘passive income’.  For many it is to make an extra $300 per month.  For others it is to replace a job that you hate.   But in almost all cases, the major issue seems to be not knowing where to even begin. Passive income […] Read more
I do not like to cold call…. or walk into a business and bother people.  Even when I know I have services that they desperately need, I have never been comfortable ‘intruding’ on people. So, how can someone like me, that doesn’t enjoy the cold calling, still get local clients to understand and buy my […] Read more
I have had the privilege to review a number of keyword tools.  Many of them are really, really good (especially for video), and deserve 5 stars. So, I am at a loss as to how to even review RankSpy.  This is so far ahead of other tools, in terms of all the things it does, […] Read more
Social Bookmarking Ranks Videos There is no doubt that Social Bookmarking helps rank your videos.  I have even done a case study that shows this beyond any doubt.  So when Josh Zamora and Mike Thomas approached me about their new product, Social Robot, I was excited.  This program allows you to create a vast number […] Read more