I do not like to cold call…. or walk into a business and bother people.  Even when I know I have services that they desperately need, I have never been comfortable ‘intruding’ on people. So, how can someone like me, that doesn’t enjoy the cold calling, still get local clients to understand and buy my […] Read more
I am sure you have had these moments with either a client, or with yourself…  You have a great idea for a video, you start recording, and you forget the name of the product… or you forget an important feature that HAD to be in the video. Sound familiar? I used to run into this situation […] Read more
Creating an app has always been something that was at the back of my mind.  After all, the app business is a multi-billion dollar industry, and mobile phone apps are where all the people are! The issue for me is that I know NOTHING about coding, app design, or even how to submit an app. […] Read more
I know many of you are well aware of the fact that Google has recently rolled out it’s mobile friendliness update…. or as some call it ‘mobilegheddon’. What is really bad for many local businesses and companies, can be really good for you and I… if we know how to fix their problem!  A couple […] Read more