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IMAGEX REVIEW & BONUS PAGE! Get It Now! Days Hours Minutes Seconds It’s Like Photoshop Online! Over the last few years, there have been a number of products that claimed to give you the power of Photoshop online, and many of them were quite good…. but they still were not Photoshop.  After all, Photoshop is […] Read more
  If you are a video creator and a Mac user, you may be aware of a program called Screenflow.  Screen flow is a screen capture tool and video editor with some amazing tools and features.  It’s a program similar to Camtasia, except that it is just for the Mac, and much, much better 🙂 The […] Read more
  I have to admit, I LOVE great design software.  For those that don’t know, my background is actually in design as well as video.  In fact, when I first started my online business, a large part of that business was creating graphics for websites and videos. One particular area that I did quite well […] Read more
Much like you can never have too much hard drive space, you can never have too much stock video, photos or music.  This is why whenever I see good deals on any of these things I scoop them up FAST!  Today is no exception. This morning the geniuses at Super Good Product have released ‘Stock Video […] Read more
No matter what type of work we do online, graphics are one of the most needed items.  Unfortunately, most of us are not graphic designers.  This means that we are often stuck with two options.  Hire an expensive designer, and be at the mercy of their schedule Get pre-made graphics, which still require us to […] Read more
The Problem Most people are not masters of Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion.  In fact, most people reading this probably have no idea what either program is, let alone how to use one of them. This means that in order to have nice animated logos, 3D transitions or motion end screens means hiring someone to […] Read more
  Have you ever been on a site like The Huffington Post and been sucked in by a wild image with a caption like, “10 Celebrities That Got Fat Overnight”… or “New Crazy Fruit That Causes Massive Weight Loss”. I know I have. In a day and age where ‘banner blindness’ has killed the old […] Read more
With the advent of clickable links in videos, marketers and YouTube creators have the opportunity to add end screens to their videos to direct traffic to websites, social media & other videos. This one ability has allowed me to create massive targeted email lists, and has been responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in […] Read more
Explaindio version 1 hit the streets last year, and began setting sales records.  The reason for this is that it combined the ability to create slide-based animations, whiteboard sketch videos, and even live video animation into one easy to use package. Well, now they are back, and ready to set the world on fire once […] Read more