“The Money Is In The List”.  Like me, you probably have heard that a million times… and like me, you probably roll your eyes every time you hear it.  

However, I am here to tell you that after I stopped rolling my eyes, and took list building seriously, I went from struggling online, to an income that I never thought was possible.  One of the courses I went through to get on this track was Build My List.  

Well, TODAY, Jimmy Kim and his teal have just released Build My List 2.  BML 2 is not just a re-hash, either.  It is an updated, modern take on list building, which teaches the things that are working today, and teaching you all the new techniques that have been developed since the release of the original BML.

So What Will You Learn….

In BML 2, you will learn everything you need to know about making money by building and working your list!  Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned veteran of list building, you are going to learn things that will revolutionize your business.

From basic information on what a list is, to how to use an auto-responder, how to get traffic, and how to find things to sell, BML2 leaves noting out.

But How Do You Know It Works

As I mentioned, I have been through BML1, and I have personally seen over 100% increase in sales and income.  In other words, I can attribute hundreds of thousands of extra dollars to learning what Jimmy teaches…. but if that isn’t enough, there are a number of others that stepped up to tell their success stories.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.16.33 AM

In fact, in addition to these testimonials, there have been over 500 people that reported making money online for the very first time, using Build My List…. thats pretty darn cool!

The Bottom Line

Building a strong, vibrant list is the single most important thing any business can do.  I believe that with every fibre of my being.  And with that being the case, you absolutely cannot go wrong if you follow what Jimmy teaches.

I am living proof of this…. 500 newbies making their first dollar online are proof of this, and all the people willing to tell their story are proof of this.

If you struggle online, if you want to grow your business, if you want to increase sales and customer engagement, you MUST learn what Jimmy is Teaching!  Is that a strong enough endorsement? 🙂

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Here are some great bonuses you get when buying Build My List 2!

  1. Invitation to join the BML Facebook group – This is a GREAT group to be a part of!
  2. How To Build a 6-Figure Funnel
  3. Email Swipe Collection – Learn to write better emails by studying ones that are proven to have worked!
  4. LIVE TRAINING! – 10 Best Email Marketing Practices 
  5. Tube Profit Pro Software

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Build My List 2

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