Thumbnail Created with YT Graphics Creator
Thumbnail Created with YT Graphics Creator 
Recently, YouTube surpassed Facebook as the #2 most visited site in the world (second only to Google).
Despite this amazing achievement, it seems that YouTube and it’s powerful tools are largely ignored by users, and by designers… leaving folks like you and me without well designed channels, thumbnails and videos!
If you’re like me, you KNOW that well-made, attention-grabbing thumbnails, a well designed channel, and great graphics in your videos can be VITAL to attracting traffic, getting people to keep watching more videos, and making you look as professional as possible.
So why son’t most videos have great thumbnails?  Why do most channels have terrible, or no Channel Art?  And why do most videos have no call to action in them?  Typically it’s for a few simple reasons.
  1. Creating graphics is too difficult
  2. Tools like Photoshop are too expensive and difficult to learn
  3. There are hardly any tools or templates for Youtube graphics
  4. The specs for creating thumbnails and Channel Art are WAY too confusing!
Well, fortunately, that has all just changed!  The creators of ‘The Logo Creator’, the easy-to-use graphic design software, have just come out with an AWESOME design module, specifically for helping people like you and I create AMAZING YouTube Channel Art, thumbnails and endscreen bumpers!
If you aren’t familiar with ‘The Logo Creator‘, it is essentially a graphics ‘Engine’, and you can add modules to it (such as a Facebook module, header module, and now a YouTube module).  You then open up templates, and make simple changes, add graphics, images and icons from their built-in library, and suddenly even the most novice user looks like a professional!
In fact, this product is SO EASY to use, that even if you’ve never created graphics before, you could literally become a YouTube graphic expert overnight and start selling this service to clients, or on fiverr, etc.
Don’t believe it’s that easy?  Check out my review video that reveals just how easy and awesome it is!
Bumper Created with YT Graphic Creator 
The best part is, because this uses ‘The Logo Creator’ as it’s engine, you get all the cool built-in graphics, but you can also add in all your other PNG graphics from graphic packages you may have!
and if you don’t have any… well my bonuses will help cover that!  When you purchase YouTube Graphic Creator, you will also get….
  1. My Flat Graphics package, filled with graphics that can be used in YouTube Graphic Creator, or in any other program!
  2. My vector mascots…. but now they have been converted to PNG to work with The YouTube Graphic Creator
  3. My awesome collection of HD background images!  Perfect for using as a background in your thumbnails, channel art or endscreens!
  4. Social Icons…. you can never have enough cool-looking social icons!  Lots of varieties and lots of networks to choose from!
  5. 200+ Action buttons for your designs!
  6. A video training series from me and from Laughing Bird Software… this should take any doubts you have about using a software such as this… and CRUSHES them!
Just head over to the bonus page to see the overview video, and see details on the AMAZING bonuses!